Mastiff FC


Produced in Japan with strict quality control, Shimano Mastiff FC is 100% fluorocarbon line offering anglers consistency and reliability with strength, durability, and smoothness to enhance performance on the water. But Mastiff's benefits aren't limited to increased smoothness and suppleness, the most significant characteristic of Mastiff cannot be seen with the eye. Shimano engineers devised NANOARMOR® technology — nano-size ridges across the outer surface of the line — to enhance knot strength and toughness, preventing slippage and reducing the risk of line breakage. The added knot strength and durability are essential for enduring the repetitive stress when casting, twitching, or jerking large lures. Developed with one goal: Mastiff delivers connected confidence on the water.


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SKU : MSTF4200


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Shimano Rod
ICAST Best of Category Badge

ICAST Best of Category Winner

Most Innovative Fishing Line

ICAST's New Product Showcase embodies the sportfishing industry's innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and rewards that ingenuity with awards in several categories. Mastiff clinched the prestigious award for its exceptional contribution to the Fishing Line Category

Mastiff Knot Binding Strength

NANOARMOR™ Technology

Improves durability and increases the binding strength of knots

Featuring Shimano's innovative NANOARMOR™ technology, Mastiff significantly improves durability and increases the binding strength of knots. Imperceptible to human touch, these micro-ridges on the outer layer of the line prevent knot-slipping during battles with large fish and minimize slippage and breakage during common bass angling techniques like twitching, jerking, and casting large lures.

Smooth casting with Mastiff

Precision Manufacturing

Superior suppleness and surface smoothness

Mastiff is crafted in Japan using 100% fluorocarbon and subjected to stringent quality control measures. Rigorous inspection at the factory ensures an even surface down to just 1 micron, far surpassing the industry standards.

Bass Fishing

Connected Confidence

Specifically designed to meet the demands of bass anglers worldwide

Mastiff's low linear elongation provies unmatched sensitivity, allowing anglers to feel the slightest distrubance on the line. Responsive performance and a supple surface enable frictionless casting, optimal control and effortless hooksets.

Angling with Mastiff

Mastiff is the result of Shimano's extensive research and development efforts to create a high-quality fluorocarbon line that meets the demanding requirements of bass fishing enthusiasts worldwide.