These a few of our most asked questions about our products and services. If you can't find an answer to your question here, please contact us. We are eager to help!



General Rod Questions

The action of the rod can be best described as the strength or lifting power required to move a fish. The action for each rod is created by analyzing its application, environmental conditions, and fishing style. Each of our series of rods is created with various blends of materials and rated independently such that the Medium Heavy action freshwater rod will feel different than the Medium Heavy action of a saltwater rod.

The Taper of a rod describes where it flexes during the cast and on the retrieve. The taper, in combination with the materials and components, determines how a rod performs. A rod with an Extra Fast taper flexes closest to the tip. As the taper descends from Extra Fast to Medium, the flex descends through the rod blank towards the butt section. The design of each taper is custom to a particular fishing application. Shimano takes into consideration such variables as angle preferences, a variety of personal styles, and the presentation and performance of your lure on the delivery and retrieve. These variables can be optimized when the proper taper is combined with the proper lure.

General Reel Questions

Line was not wound on the spool correctly. Reels with slow or super slow oscillation must have line wound on using the reel. Line roller bearing/bushing is binding. Lubricate with Shimano oil or replace possible faulty bearing.

-Weak bail trip spring - replace bail trip spring. -Bail wire is bent or out of shape - replace bail wire. -Corrosion on bail pivot - clean corrosion and apply oil to the pivot.

Lack of lubrication or damaged gears. Send to Shimano Authorised Warranty Center for repair.

Spinning Reel Questions


Shimano decided recently that we will no longer include reel oil within the box of your reel. The reason being that Shimano wants to help lead the way in our industry for reducing Environmental impact, so we’ve decided to remove unnecessary plastics from our packaging and products. The reel oil is a ten-weight mineral oil and can be purchased from any home goods or hardware store if the oil is needed.


Faulty anti reverse bearing. Replace anti reverse bearing. Reel is over lubricated with oil. Clean all the oil from the bearing.


Use provided shims to adjust spool height on the reel. If the line is too high on the spool add a shim. If it is too low remove a shim.


Lack of grease on the drag washer or drag washer soaked with oil. Replace drag washers or re-grease.

Baitcasting Reel Questions


VBS weights are dry or worn. Replace VBS weights or apply one drop of oil to each weight. Check spool bearing for smoothness or corrosion. If it rusted or not smooth replace bearing. Dry spool bushing. Apply one drop of oil to bushing.


Check spool support bearings for smoothness and corossion. If not smooth or corroded replace bearing. Excessive dirt or oil on spool shaft or spool lip. Clean dirt/oil with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol.


Lack of grease on washer. Re-grease washer. Oil on drag washer. Replace washer. Gears are rough under pressure. Lack of lubrication. Re grease gears. Gears may be worn and need replacement. Replace main and pinion gear as a set or send to a Shimano Authorised Warranty Center.


Tighten drag to the maximum setting. With the reel in hand, place your thumb on the one/spool and hold securely in place. Turn handle. If the spool rotates while your thumb is holding the line in place, then you have line slippage. The solution is to wrap 2 layers of line or masking tape around the arbor of the spool. Now add the braided line as you would normally. This gives the braided line something to hold onto and it will not slip any longer.


Possible cracked pawl cap or missing pawl cap and pawl. Replace pawl cap and pawl if needed. Possible damaged idle gear or worm gear. Send to Shimano or authorised Warranty Center.


• VBS weights need to be adjusted to the bait you are using. • Turn all weights on and start casting while turning one off at a time until casting distance is good and backlashes stop. A fine tuned adjustment can be made by adjusting the cast control. • Easy Mag is not adjusted correctly. • Turn magnet up to 10 and reduce one point at a time to achieve good casts and reduced backlashes. Cast control cap is not adjusted correctly. Adjust cap until the right tension is achieved.


Anti reverse bearing is slipping. Replace anti reverse bearing.


VBS is designed to slow the spool down as your lure looses momentum after casting. The VBS systems acts as a centrifugal break using the distribution of weight to create drag on the spool. This feature is designed to help prevent backlashes with your reel. The VBS system is located on one side of your spool (This varies depending on the retrieve orientation of the reel; example right hand retrieve or left hand retrieve) There are plastic break weights located on VBS side of the spool, these break weights are capable of being turned on or off. If you move the break weight toward the axis of the spool (The center) or into the off position the break weight will have less influence on the slowing of the spool. If you move the break weight outward or into the on position it will cause the break weights to have more influence on the slowing of the spool. You can use any number (up to six, the number of break weights also varies depending on the reel) of break weights, in any configuration to obtain an optimal spool response.


Service & Maintenance

Technical Support and parts can be obtained from Shimano by phone 1-877-577-0600 or on our online parts shop. 

To order parts for your reel online Click Here

Chances are that your reel is fine. If you are reeling line with your rod pointed toward the right, the line will load up higher on the left side of the spool. If your rod is pointed to the left while reeling line in, the line will load higher on the right side of the spool. A simple solution to this problem is to keep your rod and line parallel to each other whenever possible.

As a rule of thumb, mount your reel to the rod then feed the line through each guide. Now, use a scale and set the drag so that it gives at approximately 1/3 of the line's breaking strength, during this process it is necessary to simulate a fishing condition. Therefore, the rod must be held in a stable position either by a person or a rod holder.

Shimano makes two different break weights; Heavy (Black, Grey, or Green in color) and Light (Red, Blue, and Clear in color). Most of the new reels are shipped with the light break weights on the reel, and the heavy break weights in packaging in the box. If the light break weights don’t provide adequate spool stopping power, change them simply by pulling them off of the spool and replace them with the heavier weights.

To put line on your Shimano spinning reel place the reel in the reel seat on the rod. Take your spool of line (for recommended weights please refer to your reel owner’s manual) and run the line through the smallest guide at the tip, then through all of the guides toward the reel. Tie the line onto the spool with the bail in the open position (there is no bail on the baitcasting reel), pull on your line to assure that your knot is secure and then close the bail. After the bail is closed, rotate your handle away from you until you have spooled up the desired amount of line. For best results, place a pencil in the center of the spool and have a friend hold either end of the pencil securing the spool while you are filling the spool on your reel.

No, Shimano does not offer any upgrade options for our products. If you purchased an item (apparel or parts) directly from us then we can exchange this item with another item of equal or lesser value. The item must still be in new and unused condition, and all tags and receipts must be included to process an exchange.

Please contact our Customer Service Team at (877) 577-0600 or email us at fishsitefeedback@shimano.com and one of our agents will supply a prepaid shipping label to have your reel sent back to us for further evaluation. 

Yes, in addition to the service fee, you are responsible for shipping charges to and from Shimano American Corp. or Shimano Canada Ltd. (Return shipping will be covered by Shimano North America Holding, Inc. / Shimano Canada Ltd. if deemed a warranty issue)

No, Shimano’s limited 1 year warranty covers non-conformance determined to have occurred during the manufacturing and/or design process. Damages determined to have occurred due to neglect, accident, or normal wear and tear are not covered under the limited warranty, but may be serviced for a specific fee.

Yes, once a Shimano technician has serviced your reel we will maintain a 6 month limited warranty on the work performed on the reel. (This warranty will be limited to any non-conformance or workmanship error associated with the service work done; normal wear and tear or neglect is not covered)

Braided line may slip on a spool due to a lack of pressure applied during the spooling process. A general lack of pressure will mean that the line will not grip the spool arbor adequately and may also cause loose loops resulting in line 'biting' into itself when pressure is applied by a weight or while fighting a fish. It is recommended that you use more pressure during the spooling process (for example, using gloves or a rag to apply pressure to the spool of line as you wind the line onto the reel's spool), and to help minimize slippage, one can also apply a layer to 'water friendly' tape prior to spooling which will assist in the line 'biting' and gripping the spools arbor.

Order Status


You will receive a shipping confirmation notice via email when your order has been received. Please make sure that both your email and shipping addresses are accurate and you are present to receive your product. Shimano cannot ship to PO Boxes or APO's. Shimano is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Deliveries may take up to 2 weeks (or 14 business days) but generally ship much sooner.


Your order will be delivered in 5 -10 business days.


Shimano does not require a signature to release packages. Please be present to receive the goods. We recommend shipping to a place of business if you will not be home to receive delivery.


No. Customers can request to be notified when an item is back in stock via email. They will have to decide at that time if they want to purchase some items now or order all items at a later date once everything is available.


If your credit card is not approved, you will be unable to complete your order at this time. You will still be able to use your access code at a future date.


Please contact customer service at 1-877-577-0600.


If your package is lost in transit, please contact Shimano customer service to initiate a lost package claim. Be sure to have your tracking number and order number handy as well as any details regarding your case. Once a claim has been submitted, Shimano will issue a replacement once a claim is deemed lost by the carrier.


Unfortunately, we do not refund shipping costs for warranty items sent in for inspection. If you are unsure if your rod will pass warranty we would recommend that you use the no questions asked replacement option in the express program.


Unfortunately in today’s world porch theft is all too common. Once a package is confirmed delivered by the carrier the transaction between Shimano and the Customer is finished. If your package is stolen off of your porch or from your mailbox please contact your local authorities, Shimano is not responsible for stolen packages.

Shipping & Returns


The shipping charge for all orders is a $6.00 flate rate unless another method of shipping is selected. Additional shipping charges will appy for any orders that require a special shipping service.


If the items shipped are different from what you ordered, Please have your shipping invoice or email handy and either call 1-877-577-0600 or email us @ fishsitefeedback@shimano.com to correct the problem.


Most items ship within two days of receiving your order but may take up to 2 weeks (or 14 business days). Depending on size of order - our warehouse determines the best carrier for shipping.


Yes, You can return the item for a credit "No Exchanges". All items that are returned must have the original tags attached. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your return please contact us toll free at 1-877-577-0600 or email us at fishsitefeedback@shimano.com

Price & Billing


Your credit card will only be charged once your order has shipped. 


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We accept the following major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express