Reel Repair Services

Whether you use your fishing gear for casual fishing or tournament fishing, reliable reel service is key to ensuring that you continue to enjoy your fishing experience. Regular reel service by professionals increases the longevity of your fishing gear, as well as your fishing pleasure. It also helps prevent unexpected, avoidable service costs with routine cleaning and maintenance. If your reel isn't performing as it should, making a strange noise, or if you're just unsure, give us a call and lets figure out how we can get you back on track as soon as possible. If you have any questions while filling out the form, or about the reels that we service, please contact us.

To initiate a Repair request for your reel:

Select one of our Authorized Service Centers using our locator map

 Complete our Reel Repair online submission form to initiate a claim directly with Shimano

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Important Walk-in Service Update
Walk-in Reel Service will remain CLOSED until further notice at the Shimano Service Centers in Irvine, CA, and Charleston, SC.